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Our delivery portfolio is pure iron powder in grain size from <30 up to 1000 .

Below is a list of the main products:

100133 iron powder Chemical super fine <30
100117 iron powder Chemical well <45
100118 iron powder Chemical <63
100111 iron powder Chemical <75
100129 iron powder Chemical <100
100112 iron powder cut <150     The original!
100113 iron powder Welding <200
100114 iron powder Welding <400
100301 iron powder <630
100300 iron powder <1000

New products
MSOT63 Brass powder <63
CUW60M Copper powder <60
BRM50 Bronze powder <50
BRW45 Bronze powder
BRWR75 Bronze powder <75
Aurum50 Gold powder Bronze <50

The areas of application of our iron powder are very wide. Below you can find examples for executions of our products

Our newest product iron powder Chemical supefein <30 is used mostly in the new 3D-printing technology.

The iron powder from the group of the Chemical powders is used as a pigment in the paint and cosmetics industry.

Bestseller iron powder Cut<150 is mostly used in the industry for flame cutting, as filling material or even in the production of magnetic paint.

For decades our most reliable product in the welding and coating industry is our iron powder Welding. It is used in the production of wires and welding electrodes.